Sunday, December 18, 2011

Wall Street Journal 1 December 2011 Article: Switch to LED Lights...

Article by Kate Linebaugh


Summary of the article:
  • Companies like Walmart Stores Inc, GNC Corp. and Caesars Entertainment Corp. shell out for LED lightings.
  • Saves on labour cost, repair and maintenance cost and disruption to operations.
  • LED bulbs can cut lighting costs by three-quarters although being 20 times the price of conventional bulbs.
  • U.S Department of energy predicts LED bulb prices will drop by around 30% a year until 2015.
Stan's comments:
  • Consumer and Small medium enterprises in Singapore can adopt LED lighting too.
  • With our lowest price, highest quality LED lighting, we provide a source for affordable LED implementation in  homes and offices. 
  • Start today and you will save on increasing utilities and replacement cost !

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Paris Louvre uses LED lighting for illuminating.

Toshiba lights up musee du'louvre with its energy saving low-CO2 LED lighting, and will use its industry-leading products to illuminate some of the Louvre's most familiar spaces: Under its partnership agreement, Toshiba will provide the LED lighting for the Pyramids that greets visitors as they approach the museum, the Napole'on Court, and the Cour carre'e, the main entrance to the museum.

My own opinion:
LED lighting has mature to be a considerable lighting source for everything. Reasons are: long life, low input consumption, reduce long term cost and wastage and high brightness.
It may not be 100% problem free at the start, however you are bound to save more going forward !
This would include products like LED spotlight, LED downlight for false ceiling, LED tube lighting and LED bulbs. With the ability to customise colours, you can do more with lighting in future !

Friday, December 2, 2011

Expansion of LED products to LED floodlight, LED String lighting for Xmas 2011 !

NEW Addition to our LED lighting products!!

LED floodlight 30w to LED floodlight 50w.
It is suitable for used in garden, displays in shops and enhancing external building security. LED floodlights contribute to much greater brightness in the surrounding and at lower energy consumption compared to metal halide lamps. Lastly, the lifespan is surely 2 - 3 times longer than your conventional high density metal halides that are greatly affected by our climate and temperature.


Second product is the LED String lighting.
It can do multi or single colour with a controller. It has been widely used in Xmas lighting along orchard road, shopping malls and show flats for real estate developers. The ability to twist and turn, it allow to user to customise the overall lighting effect on an object.


For more information on the availability and prices, feel free to contact us via email or our mobile line. At Illuminating Asia, we are certainly excited to share with you our knowledge and expertise in LED lighting.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

LED Lightings (RGB LED Strips) creates a lighting show for Halloween party

This video from Youtube shows how using LED lightings can create wonders to your party!
The set up can be done using the following;

1. LED strips with RGB functions
2. A controller that sense the background music and auto adjust the lights
3. Or a sequence that has been program earlier to the strips.

The RGB strips used here will certainly create a memorable display.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Largest LED lights ceiling in the world (The Cinema Center in Busan, South Korea)

The Cinema Center in Busan, South Korea, designed by Wolf D. Prix / COOP HIMMELB(L)AU, the new home of the Busan Film Festival (BIFF), was inaugurated with a grand opening on 29 September 2011. The innovative building combines open space, cultural program, entertainment, technology and architecture in a novel way.


The roof’s ceiling surface is completely equipped with LED projectors which allows for unique visual spectacles highlighting the Busan Cinema Center. The dynamically illuminated ceiling has a free span of 85 meters and a roof surface of 60 x 120 meters makes the roof the worldwide largest cantilevered roof.


The LED ceiling light panels can create diverse images. 42,600 separate red, green, and blue colored lights are mounted on the ceiling. The BCC will thus become a landmark building in Busan, providing outstanding lighting effects and fantastic nightscapes.

An architectural breakthrough in using LED lightings for the cinema's ceiling. With the ability to create different mood using colours and time lapse, it will heighten the emotional sensation of the visitors.

We can DIY easily in our homes by just using RGB LED strips. With a controller, you can rest assure of creating similar ambient.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

"Today Newspaper report" touches on using LED lighting to light up estates in Singapore. Lower lighting costs today with Illuminating Asia SPL LED lightings.

Excerpt By Ong Dai Lin and Ng Jing Yng (Extracted from Today Newspaper 21/09/2011 issue)

SINGAPORE - ... The Bishan-Toa Payoh Town Council, for instance, has seen its utility bill balloon to S$8.2 million in the last financial year... Mr Palmer attributed the increase to higher electricity tariffs and the new HDB flats built in the constituency... "electricity costs account for around 22 per cent of residents' S&CC and are expected to increase as more lifts are installed in the constituency"... 

"The town council will be fitting LED lamps to more than 250 blocks in the estate. In areas which are not frequently used, the lamps will be fitted with motion sensors and the lights will be dimmed when there is no usage, Dr Lam said." 
1. Electricity cost is surely increasing due to higher oil prices and increased demands in energy.
2. The cost will erode our standard of living.
3. Greater proportion of income needs to be set aside for domestic uses.

1. Start changing 10w energy saving bulbs to 5w LED Kratos corn bulb/downlight to achieve lower electricity cost at the same brightness.
2. Change your 50w Halogen spotlight to 4w Astron LED spotlight to achieve a saving of more than 70%.

Live smart by saving smart ! Motto: A greener cause for a better cost!
Call us today to enquire how you can get the lowest price, highest quality, greatest assurance LED lights to replace existing fluorescent. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

24 May 2011: LED Street Lights still on trial (The Straits Times)

Below article is quoted from 24th May 2011 The Straits Times

A spokesman said it is currently conducting a trial to study the 'different aspects of using LED technology such as energy consumption, durability and maintenance challenges'. LED lights - sponsored by electronics groups Philips and Samsung - were installed on 17 existing lamp posts in Northumberland Road and Tekka Lane in Little India last year . LED lamps can also cost 60 per cent to 80 per cent more than conventional ones but are said to last at least twice as long. If the trial is successful, industry watchers said the prospects are bright for Singapore. It could save $10 million a year if its 96,000 street lamps are converted to LED types.

Last May, Jurong Town Council became the first big-scale LED convert here. It announced that it would change all 95,000 fluorescent light tubes in corridors, staircases and void decks in Housing Board blocks. It expects to save up to $1.1 million a year in electricity bills.
Article quoted from:

Points of Discussion
1. The basis for LED lighting is to lower cost by lowering the input electricity.
2. People will not be talking about it if the benefits are not known.
3. The hold back is whether it is as good as it claims and the safety level of the appliance.
4. With proper lighting fixtures, it may be possible to solve the safety issue.
5. LED Lighting Singapore project, a greener cause for a better cost ! Would love to have you on the bandwagon.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Using LED Lighting for Horticulture which spurs plant growth

HORTICULTURE with LED Lighting (The April/May 2011 issue of LEDs magazine)

Precise LED wavelengths spur plant growth.

Light sources such as LEDs with emitted energy centered around specific wavelengths may offer optimal performance in horticulture, outperforming broad spectrum sources such as HPS lamps that are widely used in greenhouses today, explains MAURY WRIGHT.

Quoted from:

LED lighting not only contributes by lowering energy consumption, it is taking another leap forward for enhancing plant growth. Lets hope that it can lead to greater and safer food production for mankind in the near future.

Monday, April 4, 2011

LED tables and chairs for wedding banquets, parties. Guarantee to light up Hotels and Event planners events

Finally another high quality update on the LEDs movement. From various prominent U.K event planners (, i've seen them use the LED tables and chairs to great splendour. The neon fluorescent colours emitted from the furnitures definitely up your parties and wedding events to a higher level.

There is the LED banquet tables, LED cubes stool, LED bottles, LED balloons, LED cushions. All of which, adds a touch of elegance, injects playfulness, increase the energy level to any event.

Should you have any interest, feel free to contact us. We aim to add value to your events and homes to achieve beautiful lighting effects.

LED Bottles !Photobucketled banquet tablesled banquet tables in a ballroom2led banquet tables in a ballroom1led banquet tables in a ballroom3led cubes stoolsLED soft cushion

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The arrival of Astron LED spotlights

Illuminating Asia Singapore announces the arrival of Astron LED Spotlight. Based on our stringent quality control procedures and extensive networks, we bring to you one of the highest quality LED spotlight at the most affordable prices. The time for the power Astron LED spotlight to replace traditional halogen lamps has come.

Wait no further and contact us today for your LED lighting needs. Remember: A greener cause for a better cost ! It is in your hands to make a difference.