Thursday, September 26, 2013

LED PAR30 Lamps (high quality LED chipset from Sharp)

LED PAR30 lamp. Through extensive testing and real life application, we have completed the LED PAR30 lamp assessment. It is now ready for mass market distribution. With an advance heat sink using high grade aluminium, strong LED driver and high efficacy Sharp LED chip set. It is set to make any commercial space look sophisticated and bright!

Call us for your LED lighting requirement and we will provide our best possible solution for you. Aim: to minimise you spending cost and achieving the same or better illumination!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Buildings should go green to reap immense cost savings!

BCA extends Green Mark to Health care sector

Some highlights of the article;
1. Green retrofitting results in $24 mil of cost savings (Study of 40 commercial buildings retrofitted)
2. Energy consumption fell between 6% - 40% with reduction in energy bills of 14% - 53%
3. Reducing an average of 11.6% in total operating expense.
4. BCA is collaborating with MOH Holdings on the sustainability needs of various medical facilities/infrastructure.

Personal Opinions;
1. Cost savings in reducing resources for operational expenses.
2. A phase approach is helpful since costs may be high with the new products.
3. BCA Green Mark for the Healthcare facilities is timely as their daily energy needs may usually be more than 14 hrs a day, with emergency areas being 24/7.
4. The mobile application on Green Mark should also be downloaded by operation/facilities managers. It is a comprehensive tool to assess energy consumption for buildings. A simple search for the 'Green Mark' app should lead you to it easily.
5. Through assessing our energy requirements, adopting energy efficient air-conditioning and LED lighting, it is a step for A greener cause for a better cost!

Friday, September 6, 2013

LED Street Lights for Baguio City Roads (Philippines) by GE

LED Lightings are developing rapidly in terms of reliability, brightness and costs. LED lights on streets certainly gives a stronger testament to the safety factor.

For the article below, we summarised some listed considerations;

1. Energy reduction leading to lower carbon emission
2. Lower maintenance cost
3. No or insignificant uplight hence reducing light pollution
4. Using reflector optics and LED arrangements to minimise glare

Source -

Our opinions;

1. Multiplier savings effect; by lowering areas of high energy consumption, a city can allow existing infrastructure to be sustainable for a longer period while developments/enhancements are being carried out for future demands. The reduction in electricity by the user leads to a reduction in production costs by the plant. The entire supply chain can benefit with lower costs and prices.

2. There is a 'minimum cost to quality' to everything. With cheap LEDs lights flooding the market, many users may be disappointed on how fast some died on them. There is a certain cost involve to produce a LED light fixture with rubycon or meanwell driver and TSMC or even Cree LED chipset as to using unknown brands which have yet to prove its competence in heat control and reliability.

3. Being an electronic device with low current requirements, LEDs can integrate conveniently in our highly I.T savvy society leading to a better standard of living (e.g. using handphones as remote control for TVs, computers and lights while seated on a sofa). LED lightings in Singapore and other technologically advance society will gain the most.

The future of LED lighting will certainly be brighter for you and your family with the increasing integration to home interactive systems.