Monday, December 30, 2013

Efficient, low cost postage/delivery for our LED bulbs! Leave your cars at home.

To all our valued customers and supporters!

Staying true to our mission to cut costs for our clients, now you can leave your cars at home to get our high quality Kratos™ LED bulbs, Dunamis™ LED tubes or even our LED lighted furniture.

We have just established a strong local logistic cooperation. Going forward, delivery can be made as low as $7.00 (e.g. volumetric size of 60cm). There will also be free insurance cover for our LED items!

Let us know today what you need and we can do our best for you!

No Extra Charge

  •    - Time Zone Delivery
  •    - Redelivery
  •    - Change of delivery address
  •    - Night delivery till 8pm
  •    - Weekend / Public holiday delivery
  •    - Track & Trace

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Is AC or DC LED lighting technology more suitable? The considerations and impacts!

Based on The Sunday Times dated 15 December 2013, we are equally excited and happy to see the article on LED technology being given the airtime.

LED there be light; Author: Christopher Tan

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Elektra LED Circular tube, LED ceiling lights for Kitchen and rooms

2 years of research and tests, we are finally ready to bring to you the Elektra circular tube.

A LED ceiling light that fits all kitchens, living rooms, rooms and more.

Using components from Japan Rubycon and Taiwan LED chipset, it will guarantee a long lifespan. It is made in the same dimension as existing fluorescent ceiling tube for easy replacement. Also, maintenance going forward will be as easy as ABC as no more ballast and starter is needed!

Monday, December 2, 2013

LED Strips Dimmer for (Daylight / Warm white) Strips

All would have known that dimming LED strips was a tricky matter previously. Factors to consider includes;
1. Power supply for LED strips
2. Dimmer controller
3. Whether existing dimming function is using voltage or current adjustment
4. Complex connections

Right now, let us throw that all behind. Our extensive research and team has successfully tested and concluded the LED strips dimmer control below. Also, it is only a 1 step easy installation process.

While they may seem similar to something we can get in the internet, you can rest assure our dimmer is compatible and tested to suit our high quality Galaxias LED Strips!

Going forward, we strive to bring you more plug and play LED devices characterising our drive for efficiency to minimise cost!

Contact us today to find out more!