Sunday, February 23, 2014

3 in 1 Elektra™ LED Square/Circle downlight, best solution for 3 different colours in 1 house

Unsure of getting Daylight, coolwhite or Warm white LED downlights for homes?
- Having white Daylight in homes is better for reading!
- Warm white colour is preferred for a soothing ambience!
- Hopefully Cool white downlight can help to have the best of both worlds?

The solution: Get IASPL's 3 in 1 Elektra™  LED downlight today!
- Low price, High quality LED chipset from Epistar Taiwan and guaranteed after sales support!
- Classy exterior with glass edges
- Colour changes from Warm white to Daylight to Cool white all with a simple flick in your light switches!
- Available in 4 inch (5w), 6 inch (12w) and 8 inch (18w)
- Retail Price $35.00


Friday, February 21, 2014

What happens if a 5volt LED chipset is connected to a lower or higher voltage power supply?

What happens if the voltage supplied to a Light Emitting Diode ("LED") is over or under rated?
(i.e. incompatible power supply)

Generally in the market, LEDs are using either 2.8-3.2volt, 12volt, 24-36volt forward. What does that mean?

Simply, it is the required voltage from the power supply to make the LEDs work. 

If the voltage supplied is under the LEDs requirement;

1. The LEDs may not light up
2. The LEDs may light up, albeit at a lower brightness or effectiveness as compared to its maximum potential.

If the voltage supplied is over/above the LED requirement;

1. The LEDs may be overcharged and light up brighter than its usual or standard light output.
2. This will reduce the lifespan of the LEDs dramatically, resulting in the LEDs melting or failing quickly. *Do take note not to super charged LEDs without any expertise supervision as it may cause hurt or fire hazard.

So whats the importance of the forward voltage? Shouldn't we be concerned with just the current supplied to the LEDs?

Please refer to the graph below;
This is a common current to voltage graph of a typical LED diode.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

LED World Magazine: Impact on Business with Spoilt LEDs

Once again we have been featured in the LED world magazine. 

We are honoured to be invited as a LED lighting specialist to be featured on the LED world magazine with our insights on the industry. Kindly refer to page 60 for our opinion relating on how the low barriers of entry in selling LED lighting changes the user experience. *The article had been contributed out of goodwill and is published at the authors sole discretion without having any monetary or material benefits for any other parties.

You can follow the dropbox link below to access the 84 page magazine.

Do refer to page 26 to 32 where LED lighting is being gradually implemented in Vatican, Sistine Chapel. While the pictures are amazing, it is yet another testament to the benefits of LED lighting on existing paintings and displays.