Tuesday, May 27, 2014

LED lightings on clothes, fashion apparels design

LED lightings on clothes and fabrics have been developing very quickly in lighting up shoes, bags, dresses, shirts, caps and many other fashion accessories. They are going to be safe for sure.

It used to be that LED lightings were implanted directly on to fashion apparels. These days, the lightings assimilate and integrate with the design of the clothes. The ease of integrating LED lightings is not limited to just building infrastructure. It opens up many more possibilities for fashion and apparel designers.

In addition, we are looking at the available technology that makes use of kinetic energy generated by physical movements to power the LED clothes.

Some examples below to share :)
 photo LEDjumpsuitusingELwire_zps85456901.jpg photo LEDShirt_zps30a2a074.jpg photo LEDBraset_zpsc4434504.jpg photo LEDDresstop_zps639a5da6.jpg photo LEDShoe_zps6a536989.jpg
Each piece of clothing are all handcrafted, unique and inspiring. The LED lights exuding from an individual definitely adds to their confidence and style. Most fashion apparels objective is to make an individual shine. Now we have it literally!


Friday, May 23, 2014

World thinnest LED light Screen, Outdoor and waterproof; In Singapore, carry by Illuminating Asia

Do let us know if you have any need for the following items;
1. Our super thin Thea LED screen sheet!! (This is definitely the world thinnest LED Screen)

- High brightness of up to 6500cd.
- Waterproof and can be used outdoors (suitable for bus stop, bill boards, building facade).
- Can be installed as permanent or temporary set up.
- Can be wired to Madrix or lap top for easy programming.

     photo PETScreen1_zpsbab106c6.jpg

A must have for any top marketing brands and lighting designers for reaching out in the public space. The system will attract attention of passer by and shows dynamic effects to break the stereotype of traditional advertising light boxes. It will also significantly enhance advertising effectiveness to achieve the environmental benefits and energy saving.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Mega 360° shape LED Screen that is as good as alive, vivid vibrant exhilarating!

I came across this article while researching on how to enhance our flexible LED screen display. The set up by BARCO is extremely exhilarating and i'm sure it will fire up the imaginations of all electrical engineers, lighting display architects and users and students involve in this field !! Do read up on this amazing piece and definitely world class screen!

- Transformable LED screen
- Shape Shifter LED screen
- Apex of LED lighting and mechanical engineering combined

Barco creates giant 360-degree LED screen for U2 tour

Barco U1 photo BarcoU1_zps29b551a6.jpgBarco U3 photo BarcoU2_zps37190975.jpgBarco U2 photo BarcoU3_zpsdc9d97ef.jpgBarco U4 photo BarcoU4_zpsdf6e7298.jpgBarco U5 photo BarcoU5_zps78f66cb9.jpg

Reference: http://www.ledsmagazine.com/articles/2009/07/barco-creates-giant-360-degree-led-screen-for-u2-tour.html

Separately we are also working hard in developing our know-how and mastering the different engineering techniques required to bring LED lighting displays to the greatest height. With our LED technology and hardware knowledge, we aspire to create engineering feats as the above.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Power over Ethernet to operate LED lightings easily

LED lightings especially LED tubes, downlights and strip lights already saves at least 50% of electrical consumption. However, installation costs has always been a sore factor obstructing LED lighting implementation.

At the current technology and digital era, most of commercial, retail and homes are already being wired up with CAT 5 data cable enabling wireless network. New buildings will probably have fiber installed for faster internet speed and connectivity. How about we use this to power all our indoor LED lightings? Essentially, this is the concept of DC power distribution; where electrical power is passed along ethernet cable.

Riding on this infrastructure not only reduces the labour costs, it also reduces the conventional materials (e.g. Electrical wires, conduit, setting aside space or boxes) required for a building, work spaces and living quarters. Through which, greater benefits can be harnessed (e.g. the ability to dim the lights, connectivity and controls using smart devices, gathering of data on usage patterns.)

Additional benefits;
1. Electrical power can be transmitted over greater distances.
2. Do not require use of high voltage wires (230v AC).
3. Reduce need on typical electrical infrastructure for fluorescent/conventional lighting.
4. Does not affect data transmission with correct installation.
5. Minimise labour and materials.
6. Ability to link up lightings to smart devices through internet networks allowing instant control. (good for high security premises or sensitive high valued storage vault or data centres)

As we can see, LED lightings is moving beyond just physical returns on investment. There is this greater user experience that can be associated. All these are made possible as LED lightings are semi-conductor to be begin with.

We'll be exploring in this area further to bring greater benefit for all our led lightings users. Do look out for future write up to be published on that.

1. http://www.ledsmagazine.com/content/leds/en/articles/2014/04/philips-lighting-reveals-ethernet-powered-ssl-project-at-l-b.html?cmpid=EnlLEDsOutdoorLightApril92014

2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Power_over_Ethernet

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

LED ceiling lights for Suntec City Singapore, level 4 convention hall

For the past few visits to Suntec City convention hall, i'm amazed by the LED light ceiling set up dotting the ceiling of the hall. One can see the numerous, symmetrical and evenly spaced LED lightings  on the ceiling staring down at you. It can be dizzy for a moment; but the experiential rewards will make it worthwhile when the lights are in action.

With the knowledge and application of LED lightings and controls, one can expect to achieve functionality, innovation and sensual experiences all at the same time. Such projects will certainly come with a price tag comprising of consultancy time costs, product specifications, testing and finally implementation and installation. But i'm sure all these will be worth every penny for the customer as each set up is surely the one and only unique lighting design and display in the world. It will be an iconic representation for any property, e.g. the Gangnam Gallery in Seoul that had its facade fixed with LED lightings from Philips Lighting.

While many vendors are supplying LED lightings, few can claim knowledge of knowing how to create such intricate designs. At Illuminating Asia, we aspire to inspire through LED lightings. We will be glad to share our know-how with everyone (LED lighting suppliers included) to bring LED lighting to the next pinnacle.

I came across the article from the following link and thought it be interesting to share.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Supermarket leader (walmart) converting to LED lightings globally

Walmart plans major LED transition in supercenter lighting globally

Thursday, May 8, 2014

LED Bulbs: What to Know Before You Buy

Advancement of LED lighting Apr 2014 and how to chose appropriate LED lightings;

1. Various shapes and sizes
2. Different colour rendering index (simply put, the natural colour of objects reflected from the LED lights; 100 being the reference bench mark from sunlight)
3. Different costing
4. Dimmable function?
5. Trust your eyes?

By viewing the video through the link below, one can probably associate with the confusion of so 'MANY LED lightings' these days in different shapes and sizes. Also, the plummeting prices available in the market these days makes it even more confusing to chose whats good.

In fact, the speaker in the video emphasis to trust your eyes while making a decision of what LED lighting colours to chose. I agree with it as no matter how people were to tell you about lighting, it is about being comfortable to the user and fulfills the user's expectations.

You need a good reliable vendor to not only explain to you in simple terms about LEDs, they should also offer a bench mark range of quality to cost. That might give a better appreciation of LED lighting to the prices. All the above will probably be minimal technical expertise a reliable vendor can assist users.

Give us a call if you are confuse and we will make it as easy as ABC to understand the above.

Reference: http://live.wsj.com/video/led-bulbs-what-to-know-before-you-buy/0F869A4C-793D-4E6E-878E-F1E522D623E9.html?mod=WSJ_article_outbrain&obref=obnetwork