Saturday, June 28, 2014

LED lighting beyond Singapore (Light festival Ghent in Belgium)

An interesting and colourful LED lighting display for all to enjoy.

Installation probably takes a while, but the beautiful light display makes it all worthwhile.
It is stated that the whole display only uses 20kw/H ! (Which is little in comparison to traditional setup using incandescent)

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Friday, June 27, 2014

LED lighting installation - Safety issues

Today we look at some safety issues with LED lights;

1. LED Lighting (e.g. LED downlights, LED Strips, LED ceiling light) usually comes with a driver. Incompatible driver rating for the energy consumption (driving current, required initial voltage) of the lamp will result in flickering and eventual demise of the driver.

2. Insufficient heat dissipation and airflow for the LED lightings will spoil the bulb.
LED lighting generally is not as hot as energy saving bulbs (CFL) or incandescent bulbs. But, we still need to allow the heat that builds up on the printed circuit board (PCB) and LEDs to dissipate well. Failure to do so may result in LEDs changing colour (i.e changing from white to yellow), LEDs dying out or the capacitor melting away. If the heat gets trapped in a bulb with glass cover, the pressure may eventually push the glass cover outwards and fall out of the holder.

3. For LED light strips, it is always recommended for complete close circuit wiring for extended length (more than 5m) to the driver / power supply. This minimises any voltage drop at the end part of the strips, thus prolonging the lifespan and light quality.

4. Poor or unsuitable insulation of the lighting devices may result in the whole light fixture becoming live. This poses a serious concern as user can be electrocuted upon contact. Customers should pay close attention to the products displayed at the vendor's place and the products eventually purchased.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

LED Light Dance floor in Singapore - Multicolour RGB lights

LED Lighting Specialist Singapore for 5 years running; champion in LED lighting supply and LED light projects.

Today we show case the LED lights dance floor with technical know-how learnt from Germany.
-Multicolour RGB LED lighted dance floor;
-Pressure weight sensor for illumination.

Let the music and lights begin!

Friday, June 20, 2014

IASPL's Elektra(™) Dimmable LED Downlight

Elektra(™) Dimmable LED downlight; We are extremely excited to launch our well tested dimmer and driver as an added function to our high quality, great price Elektra(™) LED downlight.

As dimmable down lights are slightly more pricey, we suggest using dimmable down lights only at areas that really need dimming function. The rest of the hall, study room, kitchen can still stick to our high quality, low price Elektra(™) LED downlight.

Feel free to call or email us at +65 9336 0324 or to find out more today!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

What is Dali Lighting system?

LED lightings have been associated widely with many controls and dimming systems. You might notice the words 'DALI lighting controls' appearing often.

Digital Addressable Lighting Interface can be deemed as the mouth piece to issue or receive commands and visualise data. This DALI can be on light fixtures or a controller itself. This interface should not be regarded as the controller only.

To control lighting, a DALI Network system needs to be set up. It is generally cost effective, easy to install and operate. The net work can include temperature controls, environment light sensing monitors/controls, manual switches, etc.

The DALI network system serves as a standardise protocol to integrate lightings, switches and other gears and parts in to 1 control system. Hence, achieving interchangeability of different suppliers for the devices.

For a start you need a 'BUS' to wire all the devices together to a single point where signals can be received or transmitted to individual devices.

Normal controls from Legrand, Clipsal, Schneider Electric, Philips etc are mostly DALI compatible. Always look for DALI compatible mark to be sure. Otherwise, you might need a gateway (a.k.a translator device) to communicate between a DALI and non DALI device.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

LED lightings being increasingly adopted by Cities around the world

More and better LED lights are being used in Cities and streets across the world; From USA California, Vatican Sistine Chapel, Streets of Philippines and Garden/Parks in Singapore.

Economies of scale, maturing of technology, repeated trials and errors have made LED lightings cheaper, longer lasting and safer. While we may hold back implementation in anticipation of above, the question we need to ask is; What is the opportunity cost in giving up the actual cost savings that will be received if replacement had been already done. Get your finance guys to work out the net present value ("NPV") of the project and you have doubts about this golden cost saving opportunity for the company.

Cree LED Street Lights Transform California City’s Streets, Cut Energy Use by 65 Percent

Sistine Chapel artworks seen in a new light

The price decline of LED lightings is tapering to a flat already. Any further reduction in price will certainly affect quality, lifespan and efficiency. To determine what is the best price to get LED downlights, strips or other fixtures, do talk to lighting specialists or us.


Thursday, June 5, 2014

Sydney Opera house Light show 2014

Lights make things come alive; it is no overstatement in light of the Sydney Opera house light festival display. Not only were the colours vivid, the entire atmosphere is also inspiration.

With adequate and creativity in lightings, we can use lights to "paint" buildings. With our eyes and perception being attracted by Lights; it is no wonder that a master lighting specialist can create a desire effect within people with proper lighting implementation.