Saturday, July 19, 2014

Dunamis™ PIR T8 LED tube (4ft and 2ft) Competitive price, high quality!

PIR T8 LED tube is fairly common these days. However, Dunamis PIR T8 LED tube has an edge above the rest while remaining the usual competitive pricing.

Through our R&D and strength in sourcing, IASPL has a PIR T8 tube that can customise; time, sensitivity, are area of focus.

Suitable for carparks, alleyways and malls.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Too many LED lights suppliers to chose?

We are excited to announce our Elektra LED Square/circle downlights is official in Singapore !

Our downlights have undergone stringent quality control from sourcing, purchasing to production. All the hardwork is embodied in our brand ELEKTRA series LED downlights. Chose only the best! Whats more, we are like you. We don't really need the cheapest, but a balance of quality to price.

Using Taiwan Epistar 5730 chipset, we assure you consistent light quality, good light spread and no dark spots. Compatible drivers are used to maximise lifespan.

Check our products out at the service center and you will see how a competitive priced LED light can be so good in quality.

Monday, July 14, 2014

LED Cabinet lights; Elegant, simple install, multi purpose, extremely low price

For all valued IASPL's followers, we bring the simplest and most straight forward 6w LED cabinet lights to the market. Functions;
1. Simple plug and play install Light fixture
2. Common GX53 base
3. Use as spot light, cabinet downlights
4. Low power consumption
5. Light Angle and lens shield our eyes from maximum glare
6. Elegant, can be made to flush with surface

Thursday, July 10, 2014

LED Street Lighting for Singapore is coming!

The Straits Times 08/07/14 reported that LTA will be changing to LED street lights from conventional sodium high pressured metal halide. While the journey had been ardous and assessment had been rigourous, I'm sure our authorities, engineers, LED lights suppliers have worked hard for this to be a reality. We are finally catching up with cities in California, Japan, Taiwan and Malaysia in having LED Street lighting.

Refer to 24 May 2011 Article which we have also blogged. The exact same picture. It has been almost 4 years since the intial trial at Northumberland Road.

Picture taken from The Straits Times Newspaper dated 08/07/14

Article can also be read online at

Monday, July 7, 2014

LED Filament Bulb in Singapore! The ideal for concept home, cafes and pantry

We are delighted to promoted the LED filament bulb; affordable price, high efficiency, nostalgic appearance.

Can the LED filament bulb be dimmed? YES, we can make it happen! Most importantly, you can rest assure Illuminating Asia will stand by our high quality and affordable price mandate!

Call or Email us today to find out more !

Friday, July 4, 2014

LED strip lights, downlights; What affects the price and cost of it?

As a major wholesaler on LED strip lights and downlights; we put together some pointers that influence the cost and pricing of LED lightings.

1. LED chipset brand   - (Elektra uses original 5730 Epistar chipset)
2. Quality of driver - (Reliability influences the price greatly)
3. Testing reports and certificates - (The more tests and certification, the more costs)
4. Warranty terms - (The longer the better; also more costly then)
5. Misc expenses - (Delivery, insurance, installation all adds to price of lights)

You might want to ask; ARE you dealing with LED lighting manufacturer, OEM/ODM specialist or retail lighting shop?

A manufacturer usually cannot cater for high quality LED lighting with low order quantity. They cannot even cover their costs with your 10 - 20pcs! So i'm assuming they satisfy your order by getting from some other suppliers unknown to you. It would mean that you are not really getting the lights from whom you think you are getting from.

We are an OEM/ODM specialist. It means we have many factories supporting us by customising to ourLED lighting designs and specification. Through this, we ensure strong level of quality control from purchasing of raw materials to production. We can work with efficient factories easily. This advantage help us lower costs of production to an acceptable level, while value adding in assurance of quality LED lighting products.

For retail lighting shops, please understand they have their daily operational costs to consider. To make ends meet, one solution is to reduce quality to lower cost price of LED lighting and raising the selling price to you.

All the above is just my personal opinion and present only a subset of ideas possible. There can also be manufacturers whom are willing to supply above average quality lighting at low quantity; and honest lighting shops whom insist on selling high quality LED lights at a lower price. But, honestly is that even sustainable or a realistic business model going forward? Doubt so.

Let us know if you have any questions on LED lightings, we will be glad to assist. We have the strength/capacity to supply both end users and commercial/industrial corporate clients! 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sharing some LED light installations Art

Came across some Artistic LED lighting installation that i feel is elegant in design and has a comfortable feel to it. The installations does not come across as too loud or just trying to use bright LED lights to make a point. Nice!

Below:  HIVE (BLEECKER STREET) - Leo Villareal's LED Light Installation At Bleecker Street Subway Station

Pictures from -

Below: Field of Light: Bruce Munro's Stunning LED Forest Springs Up in Bath

Pictures from -