Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Elegant LED lights recessed ceiling or wall downlights (2in1 and 3in1)

A very popular recessed ceiling or wall LED downlights!

Once again, our production team is ready to launch the popular LED downlights 2in1 and 3in1. Both LED downlight are suitable for recessed ceiling or wall. It can be installed in homes and offices to add a touch of class to your environment.

We integrate Japan Sharp LED chipset to the LED recessed ceiling lights to ensure high quality lighting and great colour consistency. Through our strong OEM/ODM capability, we can bring to you high quality at very competitive market prices.
Recessed ceiling downlights also available in black and white frame to suit all environment!

Why risk and chose the unknown? With 4-5 years on going LED lighting track records as a LED lights solutions provider, we'll be your most trusted LED lighting consultant and supplier!

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Driverless LED downlights? Is this Possible?

The developments in LED lighting is both rapid and intensive. Through the last 2 publications of LED Magazine (http://www.ledsmagazine.com/index.html), it elaborates how AC LED technology is becoming more stable.

As a pioneering OEM/ODM LED lighting supplier, we are currently also testing out the latest driverless LED lighting. If LED luminaire can indeed be operated with AC power, this would mean a larger cost savings and much easier installation. We can also eliminate the weakness link in LED lighting (THE DRIVER).

However, is this seemingly far away ambition just round the corner already? We'll test the stability of the technology and update you periodically.

Do stay tune!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Getting lights from using Gravity

It is amazing to make use of Gravity to power LED lightings or Lightings in general. The technology and idea behind this is liberating. Lights can be available without dependence on expensive fossil fuels, unstable power supply infrastructure.

This is definitely one big step forward in lighting the lives of many whom are living across war ravaged, disaster stricken, unstable power grid areas, villages and towns.

Personally, it is exhilarating to imagine how this product can serve the world population. It will launch in year 2015 and we certainly hope this can help bring us closer to Lighting up people's lives.

Let us wish the team behind GravityLight our best!

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

2 by 2 feet, T8 LED/fluorescent tube recessed ceiling fixture (PROMOTION!)


Brand new 2 by 2 feet recessed ceiling T8 LED/fluorescent tube fixture.

- Slim and Durable
- Wirings and clips are already done up
- Half mirror reflector included 
- Simple life brand with ISO 9001
- 56 Sets for clearance; Whilst stock last !!!

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tax incentives for replacing LED lights in Singapore!

What could be better than having a tax incentive for using LED lighting. Not only does lower electrical consumption lower utility bills, the LED lighting is also eco friendly and more lasting. With all the benefits, having an additional tax incentive just makes it better.

The details to which can be found on Energy Efficient Singapore website.

Do visit the link below for more information;

Friday, September 12, 2014

Singapore - BCA helps buildings go Green (Lightings, Chillers, etc)

Many businesses will certainly like to use LED lightings or improve their existing infrastructure to become more eco-friendly. The obvious reason of lowering utility costs cannot be emphasis any more these days.

We are excited that Singapore government is assisting directly with incentives to promote a change in mindset. The incentives will surely spur people to move towards learning and going green. With past funds fully committed, we have now GMIS-EBP and BREEF schemes.

In terms of LED lighting; please do assess cost to quality and product knowledge of the vendor you are dealing with. It is saddening to see a growing trend in people using LED lighting that only last for months. The effort to replace spoil LEDs are a hassle and such replacements should take place only 3 - 5 years later.

With an influx of cheap LED lighting flooding the market, we have received numerous reports that many LED lightings fail in just months. There are surely good products at lower prices. However, we seek your logical mind to weigh and determine an estimate of how much things can be made (e.g. the plastic, metal, time and labour, freight and delivery costs)

These will enable you to decide whether existing budget are sufficient for even the most basic quality of LED lighting. 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Decorative LED lightings for Singapore

With major retail associations in Singapore preparing for X'mas season, we bring forth a spread of Decorative LED lighting set ups done across the world.

Our decorative LED lighting specialists will create wonders to complement your building. We can do the environment set up, install LED lightings and automatic controls to achieve a Christmas wonder land!

It is not difficult to do these. If done right, it can relatively be quite affordable!

Let the creativity flows.


Thursday, September 4, 2014

Students using LEDs on jacket as a traffic warning signal

Maths, science to come alive for more students as more schools offer 'real-world' learning programme 

With reference to the above article on The Straits Times dated 03 September; we are excited that the secondary school students have used LED lightings on a typical jacket to promote safety for cyclist.

LED lighting is not only simple to work with, they are generally safe as they are low voltage electronics. Moreover, their small size and versatility allows it to be adapted in different ways. Eventually seeking to light up people's lives.