Sunday, May 31, 2015

Glass and Lighting - How Lighting transforms itself with Glass!

From our continuous research in materials to accentuate lighting, hence the building where lights are deployed, we are excited to share the idea we have below.

Great lighting comes with great fixtures. Glass is one material that allows light to pass through and having the ability to change its course and colour.

Whether you have a firm understanding of refractive index or a pure glass artist, the end result is to control lights at its most basic natural form.

Let us help you and your building by bringing the best of what lighting and glass can do to your facade. All these costs will be compensated when your building becomes the talk of the town, the highlights in magazines, the awe and conversations of pedestrians. Without fail, traffic will be drawn in as no one can resist the temptation of immersing themselves in such a great work of art physically!

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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Internet of things - Wireless Lighting control

So many lighting control systems today with so many protocols available. With our emphasis on simplicity in design and adoption, please see our latest wifi control system.

One router looking control unit will be able to sync with the entire lighting system easily. With our specialised knowledge in LED lightings and controls, you will have a SMART home with lighting control in no time!

- Low electrical consumption
- Ability to upgrade and link to various SMART home systems (e.g energy monitoring systems, aircon systems, heater etc)
- Affordable pricing
- Quick learn and simple maintenance
- Ability to link to DMX to offer wide ranging colour control

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

LED Lighting for Museum

Organising our research, we prepared the following write up on LED lighting in Museum.

Appropriate lighting for museums' artefacts and environment had been made easier with LED lighting. Compared to bulkier fluorescent / incandescent fixture, LED lightings smaller size makes lighting artefacts much easier.

With the high quality directional lighting, customisable lighting colours ('CCT') and accompanying filters and add ons, LED lighting will bring out the best of an art piece.

The reflective effect of LED light can be managed far more easily to allow photographers to photograph art pieces. This is done by choosing suitable power rating, filters and making use of ambient light. 

We can work with different angle light beam that forms the basis on whether that is spot or flood lighting effect. This may give a different effect in a camera.

On top of using dialux, a consultant that possess knowledge in available hardware globally and experience in the lighting effect will give you the most suitable lighting solution. This will minimise implementation time cost to bring out the best of your environment.

Above is probably a snapshot of the bigger discipline in 'Museum lighting research'. We shall bring you more updates soon.


Thursday, May 14, 2015

New LED Lighted Furnitures in SINGAPORE !

While we are the largest LED furniture supplier in Singapore, we probably also have the most extensive range of displays in Singapore.

At IASPL, we sell what we personally love. And with it, we aspire to continue producing and delivering high quality and durable product for all at the most affordable pricing.

Today, we are so excited to share with everyone our latest Chill out corner in office and welcome all to visit and relax here.

Herein is our LED apple chair, LED log stools and many more LED bean chair, LED ice buckets and LED flower vase.

My personal favourite is the LED log stool. I'm sure you will love it too. It is 30cm in diameter and 30cm in height. Ideal piece for any pop up events, outdoor events, swimming pool area or even in homes.

The effect in evening or at night is so attractively entrenching that i was sitting there for more than 10 mins admiring the changing colour effects.

Feel free to call us before coming as we might be out station at times!

Have a nice week end!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

IASPL top 5 picks for May 15 (Yellow theme)

Yellow wall blends in with black standing lamp, wooden floor
Yellow curtain, Yellow Cushion: fits well with natural sunlight
Open concept kitchen; yellow cupboards contrast well w Black
A sliding barn door for toilets, kitchen/living room separator?
Yellow sofa, Yellow foldable screen; gives layout flexibility
After a long day at work, sometimes we require subtle things to perk us up. Bright yellow in our home is surely the colour that may invigorate a tired soul. ON top of the energy it possesses, the colour does provide a sense of security and stableness. The right tone of yellow will further add a touch of class.

Will the colour be too loud? Probably not as it blends in well with natural sunlight or white lightings or white washed walls.

Yellow goes well with colours like; magenta, sky blue,  brown, green, orange, white and even black.

It is one colour that can blend into furniture and wood panelling without much effort.

Most people would prefer to use warm white lighting to create a soothing environment at home.  The warm white light bouncing off the wall will create a superbly relaxing environment that is truly warming.

If you have any ideas or experience with a bright yellow concept home, feel free to share with us!

Disclaimer: Note that we are merely sharing some designs that we have came across being simple and fitting of our publication theme. We do not receive any direct incentives for such sharing of information.