Monday, December 21, 2015

LED Lights, LED Linear bar lights - Bayshore Underpass upgraded complete.

All for LED Lights in the Bayshore underpass in Singapore. From our knowledge, an underpass project is awarded by our Singapore Land Transport Authority ("LTA").

This project is surely worth mentioning in relation to its LED lighting adoption. And that is because;
1. A LTA underpass project that completely uses LED lightings for the entire lighting system,
2. The design of the adopted LED Linear bar light is both aesthetic and slim,
3. Using of clear optical lens showing the LEDs directly to pedastrians.

We would like to commend how far our Singapore society had advanced from 5 years ago in terms of LED lightings. At first, most agencies were skeptical with LED lights with its much higher costs compared to traditional lighting. When LED lights are increasing being adopted, there is a fear of the LED lights being too glaring and might cause safety issues to pedastrians or road users.

Now in this underpass, we see LED linear bar lights having expose LED lights through a clear optical lens. The breakthrough in mindset of having expose LED lights rather than hiding the LEDs behind some frosted diffuser helps to enhance the areas' lux level. It also shows how comfortable we have become with the nature of LED lights and fixtures.


Friday, December 11, 2015

IASPL top 5 picks for Dec 15 (Blue theme)

By far the most popular colour group; blue is one of the most versatile colours that in its darkest hues is dramatic and the lightest tone being light-hearted / airy.

By creatively adding different mix of paint, we can achieve other hues to create stunning teals, turquoises, dusty bluish grays and more.

Blue is traditional and vintage in its darker tones. Contrasting it with hints of gold makes the whole environment posh and grand.

On the other end of the spectrum, we can easyily add white to a standard blue paint to achieve the different shades of light blue required. Light blue gives a breezy feeling and brighten up rooms.  Lighter tones also have calming effects, thus it is perfect for a space to retreat and relax.

Of course, every home is different. With the selected lighting fixture and furnishings, it can affect the look of a paint colour. Here are some great examples for your consideration to start if you were thinking of adding a splash of blue hue to a wall or furniture piece.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

LED Lights, lightings, illumination, sparkle and flame

Lights has been one of the most important enabler for human race to progress and develop ourselves. Lighting is beyond security, livelihoods, giving directions and many more. Silent in itself, it has allow the world to progress in every little way possible.

From the arts to technology, from the most basic of human needs to the most ambitious of human minds can conjure - Lighting has been an integral element in all these processes.

Lightings created by nature, e.g. shooting stars darting across the skies, Aurora Boreali, has inspired both fear awe and respect in us of the world we are in.

Famous artists uses different shades of lightings in their masterpieces to present various impressions. All of which to induce our eyes and minds to think beyond the physical image.

The backlit OLED or light source for our computer screens made us see things in the smallest and most detailed way. From games to work software like autocad or building information modelling systems.

Much of our world would be stuck in an analog or even ancient age without the advancement of lighting technologies.

Things like the following will be non existential;
1. Light indicator - for mobile electronic gadgets or 'pick to light' inventory system,
2. Smart technology - Street lamps or lighting systems linking to control data centres,
3. OLED technology - electronic visual display

For today, let us celebrate the upcoming christmas season with great pictures taken by dedicated photographers. LED lights or not, it is the passion within hearts and minds that materialises things!

Pictures were seen on the link below. We share these pictures in hope that these pictures will touch/inspire you as they have on us.

Belgium_Photo by Adriana Yampey
London_Photo by Agradoot Ghatak

Minneapolis_Photo by Dave Parker
Notre Dame Basilica_Photo by Vinod Roshan

Scotland_Photo by Eddie Bayne
Singapore_Photo by Swee Ong Wu

Tokyo_Photo by Hiro Kurashina
Vietnam_Photo by Brandon Pham

Monday, December 7, 2015

Channel news Asia 04/12/15 - Clark Quay Read bridge lits with LED lights!

LED light tubes with motion sensor that lights up when motion is detected by pedestrians. Its by Philips Lighting and Singapore University of Technology and Design.

Having colours and light that shines with the moving people is surely a great way to bring u the vibrancy and mood of people ! It is definitely great to see Singaporeans exploring ideas of these level. Cheers to the great installation and effort.

Link to the news:

Picture by S.Shiva


Tuesday, December 1, 2015

X’mas 2015 special promo on LED lightings – LED Neon flexible strips (DIY your own wall art with lights!)

X’mas 2015 special promo on LED lightings – LED Neon flexible strips!

Another 90% discount off standard retail price item on us! Normal price S$600.00; now is only S$60.00 nett.

Christmas is about sharing and giving. We hope you have a great beautifully lighted Christmas ambience at the lowest price LED Lights possible.

(Retail price S$70/m, how about now? S$20.00 per meter only!! Yes it is… and they are all original, brand new and at cost price just for you) 

It comes with a 3 pin plug for safety and immediate plug and play. No more lighting hassle before your X’mas party. By the way, it is waterproof and suitable for outdoors too! 

Such outdoor flexible strips is hardy enough to be stepped on if you want to create a runway lighting in your gardens or homes. Creative individuals can position and curve the strips on a wall to create wall art designs or architecture like a lit reindeer, some lit words or names that glow.

With vivid vibrant colour hue, the light throw will add great festive ambience to any environment and event.

Limited stocks available. Do hurry contact us if this lighting is what you need for your décor in homes, on objects or for events! I’m sure this is one of the cheapest LED Neon flex strip available in Singapore. 

We have blue, red and white LED neon flexible strips available in 3 meter per set at present.
At our side, we make décor lightings applications cheap and fuss free for all to enjoy!

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