Monday, March 14, 2016

Floating in the midst of space with LED lights?

Do check out the Artscience museum at Marine Bay Sands if you want to feel like you are in a Starwars movie.

Besides the many great digital artworks by Teamlab, the most notable and intriguing was the 180,000 pieces of LED lightings strung together to create an amazing galaxy. This is probably the easiest and cheapest way we can be to feel like in space!!

With the RGBW LED modules, i'm very sure a hugh amount of time is spent in stringing and laying things on site together. Then we have the programmers working out to program each LEDs to complement one another. It is really an amazing experience for the sense standing in infront of all the lights that glows, glitters, explodes and dim down with the soundtrack playing at the back.

From bright white, to cold blue to a plethora of colours, the entire lighting set up was synergistic. (I've then taken close up of the LEDs used)

Whatever i say is probably an understatement of that exhibition. For LED lights lovers and space dudes, seriously you should check it out. Kudos to the museum and Teamlab for bringing on this Art piece in Singapore!!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Light therapy to reduce jet lag?

For the frequent flyers, jet lag is often a bane to be dealt with. Especially so when you need all the vigour and attention to be in tune with things the moment you land.

We came across an article on The Business Times dated 04 March 2016 where the A350s airplanes being delivered to SIA has employed suitable lighting designs to reduce jet lag for passengers.

Airbus A350 interior lighting 

Airbus A350 interior lighting 

That prompted us to explore more in depth how lighting designs can really reduce jet lag.

Factors causing jet lag;
1. Body clock can't adjust to different time zone
2. Body and mind being awake at the wrong timing during flight

Morning sun rise in Tibet

Gathering information from numerous reports, the most effective and free solution is to immerse yourself in natural light. Lighting itself will sub consciously adjust our mental frame work. Directly, it affects our physiology and behaviour is little ways to bring our body and mind to same momentum.

If you touch down in between 3 - 5am and feeling awake, you might want to give yourself a good work out in the outdoors. Yes you may still feel tired towards the mid day,  but you sure recover 1 day earlier than most who tries to sleep it out immediately.