Friday, June 10, 2016

Arduino, Photocell and LED Lights for commercial and common sense uses

Very often we have photocell used as a sensor to determine how much one LED lighting fixture should dim or light up.

Do you know that photocell can work well even in a broad day light condition easily and cheaply?

Through our experiments with Arduino and photocell sensors, we have found many more quirky, interesting and common sense applications with LED lighting.

1. A smart vehicle with photocell attached to head lights or back lights. 
- Your cars' back / head light can light up automatically when a tailgate car comes too close or you are following too closely to some cars infront.
- The shadow / reduce incident light to the photocell will automatically light up your cars' head lights!
- The best part is the light intensity gets higher as you move closer beyond safety limit.

1b. Well... It can also probably be used by the traffic police, LTA or drivers for sending out signals for whatever purposes they need!

2. Training equipments that uses a photocell as a simple sensor to detect correct posture.
- E.g. During CPR training, the trainee position will block the photocell well. This will trigger a green light to light up.

There are more uses beyond child's play in this and we look forward to hearing from anyone with a project in mind! We're glad to share how to get things done !

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Arduino with music LEDs lighting - LED lighting Singapore, Illuminating Asia

Illuminating Asia, leader in LED lighting technology application, LED lighting Singapore, presents a simple set up of LED lighting reacting to music with the use of Arduino chipset. - Done by Leong Weisheng from Illuminating Asia!

Lightings with smart control and music to make things exciting !

Building on our expertise in LED lighting technology application, we now add the element of sound to lights. Through the know-how with micro controllers like Arduino, things can be made simple!

This simple video shows only the basic. Does this reminds us of the battery operated lanterns that comes with music which we use to carry around when we are younger?

Contact us if you have any lighting projects to explore !