LED Education

What is these Waterpoof rating or IP 65, IP20 or IP68 all about?

IPXX is used to represent the illuminated furniture's dustproof and waterproof level.

The first X is dustproof, there are 7 level from 0 to 6.The second  X is waterproof, there are 9 level from 0 to 8.IP68 is  the highest protection level .each level of furnitures suit to different occasions. The following section shows the different purposes for outdoor areas and the according minimum requirements for the lamps used. Kindly note this is based on our personal understanding and my differ from case to case.

Difference between a good and low quality LED strips

Connecting Multiple RGB LED Strips

Color Temperature Scale Application (LED colours and Kelvin colour temperature)


Installation for LED tube

How do you know what LED strip is suitable for you?

Instructions for selection:
1. Determine a suitable waterproof level (non waterproof, IP65, IP67).

2. Determine whether single colour or multicolour (RGB) is required.

3. Determine the closeness of light required (no. of LEDs/meter).

4. Determine your required brightness( SMDs 3528 [basic], SMDs 5050[High bright]).

What is the base of your compact fluorescent lamp (CFL)?

CFL is commonly used at home for illuminating purposes. Some trivia to it would be; What is the base of your CFL?

The 8 years old kind; GX23                   The recent kind; G24D

GX23  : 2 pins that are symmetrically side by side G24D  : 2 pins that have one slightly higher than the other

The screw bases for CFLs

*Mainly in E26 is used in US and E27 base is use in Europe. Singapore follows the UK standard of E27. Both are inerchangeable, in that E26 light bulb will fit in to E27 holder, vice versa. Do find out about the voltage of the bulbs that suits your location.

How to decide which is the right LED bulb for your home?

In general comparison to CFLs (energy saving bulbs), we may chose LEDs that are 50% lower in wattage to achieve the same brightness. Of course there are other factors involve (e.g. the cover of luminare, the quality of LED chipset, the distance of one bulb to the other, the area of the space, etc..)