P5 (LED Furniture)

The 'Thronos' LED Furniture Series

LED furnitures of different designs, models and changing colours to create a soothing ambient.
1. Available in LED cubes and stools, LED tables, LED bar table, LED chairs, LED sofas,LED ice buckets,
    flowers pots.
2. Batteries and Remote control included
3. Made with High-density polyethylene

(Now available in Singapore, selling at 45% discount compare to the retail furniture or novelty store, pre-orders are welcome!)

1. Multicolour LED Cubes, Seats
Key details:
a) Dimension of 41x41x41cm
b) Weight approx 4.5kg
c) Waterproof
d) Can accept a person of 85-95kg seated on it.
2. LED Cocktail Table

 photo LEDfurniture9.jpg  photo P1280288.jpg
Key details:
a) Dimension of 115cm height by 55cm top diameter
b) Weight approx 7kg
c) Multicolour LED lights with remote control
d) Induction charging plate included
e) Waterproof

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3. LED lights Decorative balls globe
Key Details:
a) LED balls comes in 2 sizes; Hand Held (8cm Dia) Floor display (35cm Dia)
b) Batteries and charger included for Floor display globe.

 photo ThronosLEDFurniturecatalog_Page_01_zps87eebe7a.jpg  photo ThronosLEDFurniturecatalog_Page_02_zps0cc1c084.jpg  photo ThronosLEDFurniturecatalog_Page_03_zpsc9b4e0d9.jpg  photo ThronosLEDFurniturecatalog_Page_04_zpsc6583a2c.jpg  photo ThronosLEDFurniturecatalog_Page_05_zps84054b43.jpg  photo ThronosLEDFurniturecatalog_Page_06_zps0b242d08.jpg  photo ThronosLEDFurniturecatalog_Page_07_zpsed2427c1.jpg  photo ThronosLEDFurniturecatalog_Page_08_zps5a33c8ae.jpg  photo ThronosLEDFurniturecatalog_Page_09_zps9b20c704.jpg  photo ThronosLEDFurniturecatalog_Page_10_zpsf845c10a.jpg  photo ThronosLEDFurniturecatalog_Page_11_zps77a43626.jpg