P2 (LED Downlights, LED Ceiling lights)

'Elektra™' LED Recessed Ceiling light series

Elektra™ LED Recessed ceiling down lights replace PLC or E27 energy saving bulbs in ceilings.
It comes in both circle and square shape recessed ceiling lights. Each comes with a detachable driver for easy retrofitting in future. From our catalog and throughout the usage, you will be assured of our high quality LED chipset from Taiwan.

Elektra™ Circle Downlight

 photo ECDtest_zpsfa2db917.jpg  photo ECDSideview_zps4e56aafb.jpg
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Elektra™ Circle Downlight (Glass)

 photo ECDGlass_zps7022f99f.jpg  photo ECDglassSide_zpsd70fc84a.jpg  photo Catalog_ECDGlass_Mar14_zps8222a65e.jpg
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Elektra™ Square Downlight

 photo ESDGreyFrame_zpse0e4799f.jpg  photo recesseddownlightsq4_zps14bdebd6.jpg  photo Catalog_ESD_Mar14_zps4e16e63c.jpg

Elektra™ Square Downlight (Glass)

 photo ESDGlass1_zpse87eddb9.jpg  photo recesseddownlightapp2.jpg  photo Catalog_ESDGlass_Mar14_zps0c1987a1.jpg

Our LED Down lights; ESD and ECD glass series also have 3in1 colour right in 1 light fixture. Users can change and adjust the light colour to their requirements by a a flick of the switch. Dimming function for our LED downlights are available too.

Elektra™ Circular Tube "ECT"
Suitable for Kitchens or large areas that require a single light source to provide sufficient brightness and light throw. With driver from Japan, the product will last a long time. A 32w fluorescent can be replace with a 18w "ECT", thus saving almost 50% electricity.

 photo ECT2_zps360a2f4d.jpg  photo ECT1_zpsc6e8469c.jpg  photo Catalog_ECT_Mar14_zps0b2cc424.jpg
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Other Elektra Series lighting
- Suitable for commercial and residential areas.